10.03.11-3297 Felicity Travis
Felicity has held a photographic viewpoint all her life and when looking through the lens she is always seeking to capture and create the “see-scapes” of her mind’s eye.
Felicity’s Portfolio
Helen_Dewbery Helen Dewbery ARPS
Helen collaborates with poets to produce poetry film and currently prefers moving images to stills photography. Helen is a member of the Royal Photographic Society and has had work screened at poetry and film festivals.
Helen’s Portfolio
Isobel_Laing Isobel Laing
Isobel likes to take photographs that break the rules, capture the abstract and showcase the extraordinary in the everyday. Forever on the hunt for the ultimate “fine art” photograph, she is inspired by nature and scapes.
Isobel’s Portfolio
Linda_Kirkhope Linda Kirkhope
Inspired by her father, Linda became interested in photography at an early age, gaining a BA in Photographic Arts in the 70s. When the family came along, her creativity was put on the back burner, replaced by recording memories. Now the kids have flown the nest she once again has the freedom to follow her passion, and explore her creative side.
Linda’s Portfolio
Matthew_Siller Matthew Siller
Matthew is a graphic designer keen to accomplish his visual aspirations. Though he believes he has yet to fully achieve his goal, he has displayed his successes at exhibitions across the country and remains up for the challenge.
Matthew’s Portfolio
Rob_Colley Rob Colley
Rob’s fascination with the natural and manmade environment leads him to capturing images in a natural and a creative way – looking for details, micro-landscapes, shapes, colours, patterns and textures that lend themselves to creative images — seeing the world in a different way.
Rob’s Portfolio
Rowan_Hull Rowan Hull
Rowan has been interested in photography from an early age. Her upbringing in the Lake District and the Lancashire countryside influences her love of nature, and her mood is most definitely affected by what she sees.
Rowan’s Portfolio
Sandra_Prowse Sandra Prowse LRPS
Sandra believes a photograph should have something of the photographer’s mind and eye in it. She feels she rarely succeeds but the challenge drives her on. Loves monochrome, people’s faces, urban and industrial spaces.
Sandra’s Portfolio
Sarah_Farooqi Sarah Farooqi
Sarah’s passion for photography was inspired by her grandfather’s love of photography. She tries to capture a sense of place whether home or away, urban or rural.
Sarah’s Portfolio